Mary has helped countless clients find lost loved ones, learn more about their family history, and discover family information that had been forgotten for generations. With her exceptional attention to detail and personal service, Mary offers clients the ability to find lost friends and family faster and more effectively than anyone else.

Mary’s services begin with a personal consultation. She will meet with you either in person or over the phone and learn precisely what it is that you would like to know about your own family or friends. Once you have provided Mary with whatever names and dates you have to go on, she will begin the search using a variety of databases, online tools, and her unique expertise in family genealogies.

With her years of experience and unmatched talent, Mary has helped clients find lost family members that hadn’t been seen in years within a matter of days. Throughout her search process, she takes the time to make phone calls, research histories, and fact check family information to ensure that her clients receive the best possible knowledge about their families.

There is really no limit to what Mary can help you discover about your own past. If you want to learn more about your own family, Mary may find that you have living family members that you didn’t even know existed. If you’re interested in finally meeting your biological father, Mary can help you discover who that person is, where they are now, and what other family members you may have. Countless clients have discovered personal histories about family members that they never knew before. In so many cases, finding lost loved ones is only the beginning.

Clients routinely thank Mary for the priceless knowledge that she helps them unearth. Invariably, everyone who works with Mary walks away feeling like they know themselves better.

Begin the process of discovery by contacting Mary today.