Mary Owens’ passion for finding lost loved ones began 15 years ago when her own father passed away. After his death, she realized how little she knew about his life before she was born. She was fascinated to learn more about him and his own childhood family, so she began searching for other family members who might have the information she needed. Her search led her to find lost family members going back generations and many who were still alive who had great stories to tell about her father as well as pictures and memorabilia from his young life. Mary’s curiosity grew stronger the more that she learned, and she began to feel a deep connection with all of the family members that made up her unique family history.
The people in our lives, whether missing family members, deceased relatives, or old friends, all contribute to our own personal identities. The better we know the people in our lives, the better we know ourselves. Through her own search for lost family, Mary got to know herself better, and she discovered a profound passion for helping others gain information and insight into their own personal histories. Far beyond the services of an ancestry websites, Mary has the expertise to help clients find lost friends, biological relatives, and people that they didn’t even know they were related to with as little as a name (and sometimes less) to go off of.
Mary has helped countless people find lost loved ones that they never thought they’d see again as well as family members they’d never met before. She has unearthed family legacies, created comprehensive family trees, and given people the priceless knowledge of their own pasts. You never know what you’ll find in your own family tree until you take a look. Whether you’ve tried to research your genealogy and hit a wall or simply don’t know where to begin in your search for a lost friend or family member, Mary can help you discover the knowledge that you seek. With her close attention to detail and personal service, Mary will work with you to help you find whoever it is that you’re looking for.