I heard from Mary through a mutual friend.  I told her I was looking for my father who I did not know or ever hear from.  The only information I had was his name which after my frustrating search for him I found out was very common.  After only a few days she called me and told me she found him, how he died, when my parents divorced and where he had lived.  She also had found where his family had lived and his many siblings.

I continue to search and look for more ancestors.  Where they were from and what they did for a living.  On my mother’s and father’s side, any time I need help locating someone or how to find someone I would get in touch with her and she would reply quickly with the information I needed.

Mary has been a Godsend and I would and do recommend her for anyone who is looking for or needs information about an ancestor.  She is very knowledgeable about genealogy and knows where and how to find someone.   I will say that anyone who uses her and her knowledge will not be disappointed. – Thomas Myers

This is a note of reference and thank you for the great job you did on my family’s genealogy.  My mother loved the gift of the family tree and really appreciated that I took the time to give her such a thoughtful gift.

The work you did to document my family’s history was not only interesting but heartwarming as well.  I felt I got to know my grandmother and grandfather and all their relatives so much better – it truly made me feel closer to my family.

I think you did a great job researching my family and sharing all the information you did with me and we had fun on the journey which is why I gave you the hug like an old friend each time I saw you.  You could cite my family information better than me, Mary!

I am so glad I came to you to have the genealogy done for my mom.  It was a beautiful gift and I enjoyed it as much as her.  Thank you! – Laurie Urbancik

I found out the man that raised me was not my father.  I knew my biological father’s name and asked Mary if she could help me locate him.  I was surprised that she found him so quickly and proceeded to tell me that he had passed away.  His obituary stated that he had 4 daughters; I was not one of them.   In conversations with Mary she had expressed that I needed to contact at least one of his daughters.  She found their phone numbers in the White Pages.  I was too nervous so she said she would call.  When she did, the woman said she knew nothing about me and that all four daughters were adopted.  So, I would be the only biological child.  The daughters seemed excited to talk to me and I hope that someday I get to meet them.  I would love to know what he was like.  If it wasn’t for Mary, I don’t think I would have ever got the courage to look for my father. – Dawn S.

I reached out to Mary at the Genealogy Club.  I was having difficulty finding my family members.  She has been very helpful in the hunt for my family.  The resources she has and her knowledge of genealogy have been a big part of me finding my ancestors.  It has been a blessing seeing my grandparents are no longer here to get the information.  This is her passion and she takes the time to help as many people find where their families came from. – Amy Spesia

Mary Owens did an ancestry search for our family.  We started the search on our own and we came to a dead end that prevented us from going any farther.  Mary’s research found the information we needed to continue the search.  She found information that no one in the family knew about.  Mary’s attention to detail and many facts made it obvious that she had found the missing information we could not come up with.

We thank Mary for her extensive research and detailed information.  It helped us to continue researching our ancestry. – Char Osborne

Mary was extremely helpful in assisting my husband with his search for information about his biological father.  With very little up front information, she investigated archived records and combed the internet for accurate and revealing knowledge about his birth family.  After my husband was in contact with his “new-found” nieces, they were even happily surprised with how much of the interesting history that Mary was able to uncover.

What is truly comforting is that Mary approaches every investigation as if she were searching for her own family.  She maintains privacy and is very respectful of all parties involved. It is obvious that she thoroughly enjoys bringing history alive for her clients.  My family is very grateful for her expertise. – Alice Gagliano

I really can’t put into words how thankful I am for all Mary has done.  I am delighted to get all the information Mary put together for our family tree.  It must have taken hours with what little names and dates I was able to give her. – Clara V.

Past Finder is awesome! Professional…Thorough…on Time! When I got my family’s information in the mail, it was like opening a personal treasure box – and unsealing a time capsule – all at the same time! What a Blessing!- Mary Willis