Clara V.

I really can’t put into words how thankful I am for all Mary has done.  I am delighted to get all the information Mary put together for our family tree.  It must have taken hours with what little names and dates I was able to give her.

Alice Gagliano

What is truly comforting is that Mary approaches each investigation as if she was searching for her own family.

Char Osborne

She found information that no one in the family knew about.  Mary’s attention to detail and many facts made it obvious that she found the missing information we could not come up with.

Amy Spesia

The resources she has and her knowledge of genealogy have been a big part of finding my ancestors.

Dawn S.

I found out that the man who raised me was not my father.  I knew my biological father’s name and asked Mary if she could help me locate him.  I was surprised that she found him so quickly.

Laurie Urbancik

The work you did to help document my family’s history was not only interesting but heartwarming as well.  I felt that I got to know my grandmother and grandfather and all their relatives so much better.

Thomas Myers

Mary has been a Godsend and I would recommend her for anyone who is looking for or needs information about an ancestor.